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Professional Massage Service
Sandra has been living in Ibiza for 10 years, after training with Martine Peter, Doctor of Chinese Medicine.
She dedicated herself to massage, later she honed her technique in France and learned new methods while traveling in Thailand, Indonesia and India.
Sandra transmits her deep love for her work to each of her patients, who faithfully come back to her year after year.

You can have a massage with Sandra in your own home. She also enjoys working in “agroturismos,” which in Ibiza are luxury hotels with charm and peaceful havens that invite you to rest and relax.

Hotel Les Terrasses managed for 25 yrs by Françoise Pialoux
Hotel Can Domo managed for 8 yrs by Alexandra Vermeiren
Hotel Can Parramatta managed by Inigo Bregana

Chinese Massage
90 min.
The 3 body massage(mental, energetic, physical) rebalances the body energy flow YIN / YANG by stimulating acupoints. This massage relaxes, calms and relieves mental and emotional tensions. It also has deep stimulating muscular action.
Balinese Massage 75 min
This traditional indonesian massage uses exotic perfume oil and is performed on a tatami mat on the floor. It restores balance to the body and spirit. This massage tonifies the muscles, improves joint mobility and boosts blood and lymphatic circulation.
Abhyanga Massage 75 min
Ayurvedic massage (Indian traditional medicine) uses various medical herbal oils aimed at rebalancing your dosha (vital energy PITTA,VATA,KAPHA). This massage eliminates physical tiredness,improves sleep and acts on the digestive and nervous systems. It plays an important role in purification of the entire body. It also improves nutritional circulation and maintains health and well-being.

Stone Massage 90 min
Thermotherapy uses hot basalt stones and cold marine stones to provide a deep meditative relaxation. The hot stones eliminate toxins, calm the mind and release muscle tension. The cold stones calm and reduce swelling and inflammation. They also tighten and revitalize the skin and reduce wrinkles.

Leg Massage 60 min
This leg and foot treatment uses a cold, refreshing cream that helps constrict blood vessels and has an anti-cellulite action. This massage technique in combination with the cream boosts blood and lymphatic circulation and reduces water retention. It tones and relaxes the legs at the same time.
Head, Hand, Foot Massage 60 min
This massage of the body extremities brings a deep relaxation.These 3 body zones are extremely sensitive and contain numerous acupoints. When applied this technique favours the body’s energetic balance, improves health and helps relieves stress.